My son Alex was diagnosed 2 years ago with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with associated Asperger’s symptoms. We tried ABA therapy, Ritalin, Dexedrine and weekly counseling with little improvement. His behaviors were putting a strain on our entire family and his schooling. The brain-based therapy program at MIND was a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE for Alex, his academics and most importantly, our family.” Maria R., St. Louis, MO

Thank you for the care you have given to (my son) over the last year. Dr. Worth and staff, you helped him reclaim his life faster and more completely than he would have without your services. I wish the hospital would tell all parents with TBI children about MIND so their children could have the same benefits which cannot be found anywhere else in our region. MIND is tops!” – Carolyn D., Dardenne Prairie, MO

“My daughter has always struggled with learning – math and reading being her most difficult areas.  We tried a number of different approaches to help improve her reading and learning, but with little success.  Then we met Dr. Worth.  His ability to see her learning struggles on a neurological level made all the difference in the world!  He was able to craft brain-based treatments that helped her to stay focused when reading, thus improving her reading speed and comprehension.  The brain-based therapies also helped her better retain information, which improved her skills in math, grammar, and other subjects. 

In addition, her treatment program landed between two ACT tests.  She scored a 20 on the first ACT.  Two months later, she scored a 27 (and on that test she scored a 35 in the reading section)!  She took the test one last time, scoring a 28.   With those ACT scores, she was granted admission to the college of her choice and received scholarships, totaling over $12,000 per year. 

When I asked my daughter about her reading and comprehension, she commented that after working with Dr. Worth and his staff, she felt she could better concentrate on what she was reading, that her mind wouldn’t wander, and that she wouldn’t get tired and lose focus.  She now enjoys reading and earned straight A’s in her first semester at college.”M.P., St Charles, MO

“I saw Dr. Worth speak at a Bi-State Educational Conference in 2005, and I was blown away. He was a dynamic speaker with incredible knowledge and conviction regarding the subject matter (brain-based learning) presented.  His lecture was interactive, understandable and provided me many tools to use at home with my children. After his presentation, he took the time to meet with me and discuss the academic and behavior issues that both my sons have. I have never had a doctor attend to my concerns and I never forgot his genuine kindness and caring.

In 2007, I brought both of my sons to Neurology Consultants/Midwest to be evaluated by Dr. Worth. During the interview process, it was almost as if he knew what and where the problems were before I offered the information. My husband and I had never seen anything like it. As my the treatment sessions progressed, one of my sons seemed to improve on a daily basis, while my other son didn’t show the same result rate. When I voiced my concerns to Dr. Worth, he assured me that the progress will come, “Just give it a chance”. My husband was hesitant to continue with our other son, but I told him to trust Dr. Worth. By the end of our programs, both my children had achieved substantial academic and behavioral improvement. My eldest son increased 2 grade levels in reading, 1 grade level in math, and is now getting an A in science.  My other son now has many friends, and his lowest grade this year is a B.  It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Worth and his program to ANYONE who has children with behavioral or academic concerns. He was a true God-send to our family.”  – L. Tilley, Frontenac, MO

“I have had experiences with the Midwest Institute for Neurological Development (MIND) on both a professional and personal basis.  While working in the public school system as an Early Childhood Special Education Instructor, I had the opportunity to work with a student before and after the student completed MIND’s program.  It was enlightening to see the changes in self-esteem, skills, and attitude toward learning the student displayed after completing the brain-based therapy. Encouraged by seeing the results of that student, I spoke with the student’s parents, researched the program online, and visited the campus before enrolling my own child in the program. 

Before starting the program, my child had low self-esteem, a fear of reading or even attempting to read, and a negative attitude about school, in general. She also had some motor concerns and difficulty concentrating. After completing a 16-week treatment program, including a combination of brain-based activities, reading instruction, and motor exercises, my daughter showed a marked improvement!  Her self-esteem rose significantly and she now willingly attempts to read and although she is not yet at grade level, she reads independently. She has increased attention to task, more motor control and less overall anxiety about school assignments.

The program’s doctor, instructors, and staff were kind and nurtured our family, as a whole. They provided suggestions and activities for us to do at home to follow up on the therapy activities done at the facility. They also answered all my questions and offered resources for me to use.  I have two other children with different issues who I plan to enroll in MIND’s program in the future.” – T.W., Union, MO

Lisa R. of Washington, MO, watched her two children – Matthew, 12, and Mariah, 5 – make enormous strides through brain-based therapy. Lisa’s son, who entered therapy primarily for help with reading, saw his reading proficiency skyrocket two grade levels over the course of 16 weeks of treatment. Lisa saw dramatic changes in her daughter, who struggled with a number of sensory issues, almost immediately after beginning her 14 weeks of therapy.

“In a week and a half, I could see a difference,” Lisa said. When a therapist started working with Mariah, she could stay on task for only 10 seconds. Lisa described her daughter before starting therapy as ‘a puzzlement.’ “She was really lost … and it was because her brain was not firing and functioning as it should be. What they did was stimulate the areas of her brain that needed stimulation. I cannot tell you the difference that it has made. We have a life again.” Lisa R., Washington, MO

“My husband and I were skeptical about brain therapies, especially after investing time and money in various programs that were supposed to improve my daughter’s grades and behavior. Dr. Worth was the first one to identify the problem areas in her brain and create a program to address them. We are more than pleased with the results and would recommend his program to anyone with a child who has problems with school, behavior or attention.” – O.L., Ballwin, MO

“My daughter had been treated for her “developmental delays” since she was a toddler.  We began at age 2 with the Missouri First Steps program receiving Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy home visits.  At ages 3 & 4, she attended an Early Childhood Special Education Program.  At age 5, when she entered Kindergarten, we received the diagnosis of ADHD and began treatment with medication.  Over the years, we have tried Adderal, Daytrana, Concerta, Strattera, and Methylphenidate.  The medications caused side effects such as facial motor tics or, even worse, totally made her a zombie and took away her personality.  
I had done research and was convinced that something within her brain just wasn’t working correctly.  She could remember seemingly insignificant things but could not remember how to pronounce/read a word in a book that I had just explained to her on the page before!  We spent hours on homework every night, often ending with tears and shouting.
Since my daughter’s therapy, we have noticed a definite improvement in her confidence and self-esteem.  She requires less prompting to complete her work.  Her special education classroom time has been decreased.  She spends most of her time in the regular classroom with her peers, doing grade-level work.  We have discontinued all medications.  Recently, on her 5th grade quarterly assessments, she scored 100% in Math and 75% in Communication Arts (Reading, English, Spelling).  The 75% may not seem impressive, but it is a great improvement over the 40-50% range she previously scored.  
I forwarded a copy of MINDs Exit Summary Exam to her Pediatrician.  The Pediatrician was so impressed with both the report and the obvious change she could see in my daughter that she referred a parent of a child with similar problems to me to discuss our experience.  The brain-based therapy program at MIND has definitely made a difference for both my daughter and our family!”Diane H., Washington, MO

“Life Changing!!! My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 7 years old.  He had problems with attention, comprehension, social situations, making eye contact, and coordination. Your average D student.  He had few friends and was often was chastised by other students for being different.  After going through brain therapy with Dr. Worth, he was a different boy.  He is lovable, social, plays soccer and is getting B’s in school, thanks to Dr. Worth.” N.F., Creve Coeur, MO

“My son has always been a struggling learner, having difficulty with his reading comprehension and also with understanding how to work higher level math problems.  Several friends recommended for us to take him to Dr. Worth, who performed a thorough exam and was able to pinpoint areas in his brain where we could see improvement. After 12 weeks of treatment, our family saw remarkable results in my son’s academic performance.  Reading became much easier for him and his abilities in math improved, as well. 

About a year later, my son became extremely ill and suffered a stroke during his hospitalization.  Dr. Worth came to the hospital to visit our family, and talked to us about what he saw neurologically.  Upon his discharge from the hospital, my son walked with a cane and had some balance and coordination problems. He also had new learning issues, which were a result of the stroke. Soon after returning home, he began a treatment program with Dr. Worth to work on getting him ‘back to normal,’ or to where he was prior to the stroke. Since Dr. Worth had worked with him before this incident, he could better tell us where new problems were and how to address them. 

Within a few weeks, my son no longer needed a cane. His balance and coordination significantly improved, and he was back to doing some schoolwork.  By the time we finished the post-stroke treatment program, my son was pretty much back to normal.  In the fall of 2011 he began his freshman year at Lindenwood University and is doing wonderfully!” – N.L., St Peters, MO

“We always knew there was something different about our son. He just didn’t fit in with the other kids. As our sessions with Dr. Worth progressed, it was as if he awakened to the world.  His teachers and extended family were awe-struck by the changes. Dr. Worth changed our lives forever, and more importantly, our sons!!!”  – C. Becker, Chesterfield, MO

 “After the 3rd quarter report card, and another ‘F’ in reading, we decided that we needed to do something. We looked at Sylvan, tutoring and other educational services, but we did not feel that a ‘one size fits all’ program would work well for Sophia. In March, we consulted with Dr. Worth and his team regarding our daughter and felt like this was the answer. Within 3 weeks, she was reading. And after 12-weeks, she now reads for enjoyment. Thank you, Dr. Worth.” –Terri W., Wildwood, MO

“Dr. Worth is nothing short of magical! The best investment we have ever made.” – V.G., Fairview Heights, IL

 “Our son has always struggled with academics and behavior, even in kindergarten. His teachers said that he bounces off the walls, won’t stay seated, is disruptive to his classmates and is like a bull in a china shop. He acted the same way with his siblings. We consulted behavior therapist, child psychiatrists, pediatric neurologist, and tried various medications that took our boy away from us. Upon the recommendation of our friend, we met with Dr. Worth to inquire about what he might be able to offer. My husband and I sat in on the neurological examination, and were absolutely amazed at the findings.  During his treatment we saw our son’s behavior change almost weekly. Now he is getting only green days in school. Thank you, Dr. Worth and your team.” – Kari L., Ballwin, MO

“My daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia at 5. Her grades, self-esteem and desire to read were at an all-time low.  We tried reading specialists with specialized training in Dyslexia, 40 sessions of vision therapy with two different doctors, and 3 years of speech pathology services with minimal improvement. After 16 weeks of brain-based training with Dr. Worth, my daughter now reads for enjoyment.” – M. Harris- O’Fallon, MO


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